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Safety production management of WUXI BOTON TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
Wuxi Boton Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in the year 2000, which is an integration of R&D, manufacturing and service of high strength conveyor belts. BOTON insists in its security purpose ‘Safety first, prevention-oriented, comprehensive management ’ throughout the entire operating activities, and passed the GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System in 2006.
Rules and regulations for safety production
BOTON’s operation is Under the principle of compliance with laws and regulations, based on ‘Law of the PRC on safe Production’, ‘the People's Republic of China Fire Prevention Regulations’, ‘Special Equipment Supervision Regulations’, ‘Jiangsu Province Safety Production Regulations’, BOTON combined with the characteristics of the itself and formulated relevant management rules as follows: ‘Safety inspection system’, ‘Safety production education system’, ‘Casualty accident management system’, ‘Dangerous operation approval system’, ‘Special equipment safety management system’, ‘Power line pipe management system’, ‘Industrial health management system’, ‘Safety hot work management system’, ‘Electrical safety management system’, ‘Dangerous goods management system’, ‘Special operation safety management system’, ‘Heatstroke prevention management system’, ‘Fire-fighting safety management system’, ‘Occupational hygienic management system’, ‘Labor goods management system’, ‘Safety production rewards and punishments system’, ‘Safety investment guarantee system’ and so on. Safety regulations are : ‘Electrical safety operation regulation’, ‘Rubber cutting machine safety operation regulation’, ‘Rubber breaking machine safety operation regulation’, ‘Internal mixer safety operation regulation’, ‘Flat plate vulcanizing machine safety operation regulation’, ‘Calendar safety operation regulation’, ‘Rubber sheet extruder safety operation regulation’, ‘Shaping mill safety operation regulation’, ‘Grinder safety operation regulation’, ‘Cutting knife scissors and other tools safety regulation’, ‘hydraulic lifting platform safety operation regulation’, ‘Elevator safety operation regulation’, ‘Traffic safety operation regulation’, ‘Forklift safety operation regulation’ and ‘Pressure vessels safety operation regulation’.
2. Safety production emergency plan
BOTON is a production enterprise. According to the characteristics of the production and operation, and in accordance with the requirements of the relevant departments, to maintain the company's personal safety and to deal with the company emergency safety accident effectively, BOTON formulated the following safety emergency plan to reduce the loss of safety accidents to a minimum. ‘Oil depot explosion’, ‘Carbon black depot explosion’, ‘Fire escape’, ‘Electric shock accident’, ‘Chemical leakage accident’, ‘Mechanical accident’, ‘Food poisoning accident’ etc..