High heat resistant EP Conveyor belt


High heat resistant EP conveyor belt is suitable for all ordinary and high heat resistant occasions, mainly used in material delivery of metallurgy, building materials, sintering, coke and cement.
ó┘ Suitable to convey block material with 300íŠ-500íŠ or powder material under 300íŠú╗
ó┌ Material with special structure is used and it is made of a special processing technology. Owning the properties of high strength, and good dimensional stability, it is suitable for wide, long distance, ultra-high temperature, and large transportation capacity workplaces; 
ó█It has high bonding strength between layers, so in working process there is no  delaminationú╗ 
ó▄Good wear resistance, suitable for conveying large blocks of sinter and other materialsú╗
óŢ Good troughability and smooth transportationú╗
óŮ High strength , can be connected with steel joint;
ó▀ Long service life , 50% longer than high heat resistant cotton conveyor belt.
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