Mining used flame-retardant laminated fabric conveyor belt

 Technical level:

This product adopts Standard MT668-2008“mining used flame-retardant steel cord conveyor belt” for delivery inspection, product quality, safety and fire retardant properties. It not only fills the blank of domestic mining used laminated fabric belt, but also reaches to the international advanced level.
Characteristics and applications:
Long service life; average life expectancy of flexibility is more than 1 million  in normal working conditions; abrasion liability of cover rubber is up to 10-30 million tons of coal ,which is 3-5 times of the amount of all kinds of plastic belts.
Good cold resistance: in the conditions of -20, PVG belt becomes hard and brittle, while the laminated fabric belt is still soft and available. 
High joint strength: steel cord joint strength is about 80% of the original belt (while PVG belt is only 50%), adhesive joint strength is about 90%, joint life is synonymous with overall service life of the belt.
Light and thin belt: easily reused in underground coal mining.
It not only has flame-retardant ability, high strength, good troughability, but also has high bonding strength between layers, which will not generate delamination, deviation and so on. It is suitable for material transportation of underground coal mining.
Suitable for high speed transport: the maximum speed can reach to 8m/ls to improve production efficiency. It maintains a good belt width and has weft and warp independent structure, which can ensure that the belt body width will not be narrow in the use.
Product Structure:
This product is composed of laminated polyester canvas as its strength layer, well-covered with flame-retardant adhesive cover layer. 
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